Posted/Updated on March 01, 2021

AP Govt Started Praja Sachivalayam official website to start operations in Grama / Ward Sachivalayam offices.

Grama Sachivalayam, Ward Sachivalayam offices starts operations as Prajaa Sachivalayam from 1st January. I think it shut the doors to 9000 AP Meeseva centres across the state. Because as per GO MS no.22, Praja Sachivalayam is New face of AP Meeseva centres. is the official website for this Village Secretariat's.

AP Government starting 15000 sachivalayams from next month. In those 11158 village secretariats and 3842 urban ward secretariats. Prajaa Sachivalayam to every 2000 people is the main aim for AP Government. in Grama/ Ward Sachivalayam there are 11 to 12 staff from all departments offer services to concern area people.

Meeseva centres are only gateways to public services. But Grama Sachivalayam is the service delivery point. Concern Grama Sachivalayam Secretary will issue the certificate in below 72 hours after applying.

Grama / Ward Prajaa Sachivalayam

In Prajaa Sachivalayam Selection of beneficiaries to government welfare schemes, issuing the various welfare schemes cards are possible. Welfare schemes cards like YSR Pension card, Rice Card, YSR Arogyasri card will be issued, printed laminated cards handed over to the public too.

There are total 144 services available through sachivalayams as like as Meeseva. AP Praja Sachivalayam official website is Now only Grama Sachivalayam staff accessing the portal. In the next 10 days, it starts operations like Meeseva web portal.

Difference between Meeseva and Prajaa Sachivalayam:

Mee SevaPrajaa Sachivalayam
Mee Seva is Private Service delivery pointPrajaa Sachivalayam is Government office under Grama Sachivalayam
3 to 7 day for application72 hours for any application
No issuing powerInstant issuing authority
Applicant's will pay service chargeFree of cost

15000 Prajaa Sachivalayams coming to serve from January 1, 2020. The number may be increased in future. No service charges to all Government related works is a great relief to the public. Selection of beneficiaries and issuing the benefits to the public with the help of Volunteers is a great move from AP Government.

As of now, the official website is not in the frame of Meeseva. I think it’s in Develop mode.

Frequently asked questions about Prajaa Sachivalayam:

1. What is the Difference between Meeseva and Prajaa Sachivalayam?
A. Meeseva is Private (outsource) Service delivery point, Prajaa Sachivalayam is Government office.

2. Will are all AP Meeseva Centres going to Shut?
A. I think No, AP Meeseva centres also run in future.

3. Why is Praja Sachivalayams Offering free services?
I think, the government spending all the money. Great decision

4. What are the Disadvantages of Praja Sachivalayams?
A. Praja Sachivalayams are not started operations yet, but I feel Praja sachivalayams operations restricted to concern 2000 people area only.

5. How to know my nearest Praja Sachivalayams?
A. It will be placed in Praja Sachivalayams official website soon.


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