Posted/Updated on June 05, 2021

Conversations on nature and resource conservation have become dinner table topics as concerns about climate change and environmental challenges have grown. Young people are leading a sustainable life and attempting to raise awareness about it, from making deliberate decisions about their fashion choices to adapting behaviours that do not ‘hurt' the environment and becoming vegetarian and vegan. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the climate strike and Fridays For Future. While millennials have been known to advocate for environmental action, it is now the Gen Zs who are leading the charge.


Environmental activism is, in fact, a big part of their dating lives, and their care for the cause is a big influence in determining whether or not to swipe right on dating apps. Their enthusiasm for the outdoors is now visible in their Tinder biographies.

According to Tinder India's latest findings, the Gen Z generation, which uses a variety of environmental themes to express itself in its dating bios, is most interested in talking about "vegetarianism" and "environmentalism," followed by "gardening" and "veganism," while swiping right on a fellow green warrior and making connections.

Food choices that are environmentally responsible, such as plant-based foods and a vegan diet, are also decisive factors in finding a match. Bios discussing food preferences range from ‘Clean, green, utilitarian, and everything vegetarian,' to ‘Vegan and lovin' it — always on the lookout for food,' and ‘dairy-free and gluten-free since 2019, looking to be free of toxic relationships in 2021,' to ‘Vegan and lovin' it — always on the lookout for food,' and ‘dairy-free and gluten-free since 2019, looking to be free of toxic relationships in 2021.

Environmental Theme in Tinder

During the shutdown, many Gen Zs, presumably inspired by millennials, developed a serious interest in gardening and even became plant parents. According to the research, mentions of ‘plant dad' grew nearly threefold from February to May 2020, while references of ‘plant mom' grew almost twofold. If you're a plant parent seeking for a plant-loving partner, consider the following bios:

  • Tell me your favourite flower and I’ll grow it for you
  • Proud, single parent of three (lil’ saplings)
  • DTF - Down To Forget about worldly problems and grow some herbs/greens?

Environmental issues such as global warming, sustainability, recycling, slow fashion, and water conservation are bringing Generation Z together. They're even coming up with unique bios! Here are some creative bio ideas for you to consider:

  • I like my relationships exactly how I like my fashion – slow and sustainable
  • Reuse, reduce, recycle - my trash, not my relationships
  • If only I made an effort to save my money, like I conserved water


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