Posted/Updated on June 09, 2021

Android phones have unquestionably become a part of our daily lives, but not everyone is skilled at using or handling them. Those are the times when one need assistance or assistance from people who are knowledgeable in this field. However, we may not be in close proximity to those who are qualified for the work or ready to help us. When our parents needs technical assistance from us but we are unable to provide it over the phone, they can use the Inkwire app.

Inkwire – Remote Assistant Application

This fantastic app, which is accessible on both the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store, allows users to give and receive remote assistance using their smartphones. It's essentially a screen-sharing programme that works over the internet.

Both the user who seeks help and the user who provides guidance must have this app downloaded on their Android phone in order to utilise it. To gain access to the screen sharing, users can either share the code or share the URL. On the other hand, those who are ready to receive remote support can input the code or click on the link.

inkwire app

The screenshots below show the app during the screen-sharing procedure. You'll see two options in the first screenshot: share and access. If you want to share your screen with another user, use the share option, and if you want to acquire permission to see the other user's screen on your phone, use the access option. If you're sharing your screen, you'll need to give the other user the access code, as indicated in the second image above. To gain access, you must enter the access code, which must be shared by the other user, as seen in the third image.

inkwire app2

Finally, the aforementioned screens show on the users' displays, and following acceptance, the screen is shared, and the user is ready to receive or provide remote support.


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