Posted/Updated on August 19, 2021

Microsoft is working on the new functions of New Microsoft Edge to allow users of their browser users to search for the tab currently open.

The software giants have not officially announced the function, but Leo Varela can enable it in February, and Microsoft could keep the tabs made when Microsoft implemented on the edge.

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  • Trump card. According to a new Reddit Publication in Varela, it is now in the early test stage.

Search Tabs

Back to February, the first Varela valid edge search tab uses the command line indicator that involves entering the edge://flags in the browser's address bar and enabled other experimental functions, use The command line indicator to do so. However, Microsoft has added a new "Search tab" item to the Operation menu of the Edge Canalian tab according to Varela. For family people, you can deactivate the vertical tab with the [tab] action menu and access the newly closed tabs and add all tabs to the collection.

Click on the Search tab for now Open the pop-up menu in the browser center that is currently implemented in the action menu of the tab or the taskbar. However, this function is still tested and announced formally, so its functionality can change during release.

Microsoft continues to add new features and features to the edge to improve the user's productivity of your browser. While the vertical tab is surfing the Open tab, the Search tab will make it easy to find specific content on those tabs after formally deploying.


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